ZIDANE.jpgZinedine Yazid Zidane was born in Marseilles, France on June 23, 1972, his parents are Algerian. From very small he felt interest for the sport, with 14 years it(he,she) left his family and left to the Cannes. There it lived in the house of an executive of the club, Jean Claude Elineau, who received him and treated like a son. It made début in the First French Division on May 20, 1989, registered for the Girondins of Bordeaux.

Zinedine is rapid, powerful physically and has an exceptional technical quality and vision of game. In spite of acting in the midfield it is in the habit of obtaining a good number of goals thanks to his durísimo I shoot. It throws masterfully the lacks and his only black point is his excessive coldness.

In summer of 2001, Zinedine registers for Real Madrid, Zizou comes to an team riddled with stars, it was the season of the Centenary of the club, chosen that better year I equip of the 20th century for the FIFA.

On May 25, 2002, Zidane fulfills his dream of gaining the European Cup, in an unforgettable final in the one that marks the goal of the victory, Real Madrid achieves his ninth European Cup, and Zizou, desire, in recognition of his great season the Player's Most valuable title of the championship. On April 25, 2006 it confirmed that he would move retire from the professional football at the conclusion of the World one of Germany. zidane_222.jpg